Monday, November 28, 2011

Recycled Elegance - Brilliant or what!

Hello Readers,
A short hiatus and I am back again just in time before the hols, life has been busy, rolling by on its own terms while I make my plans, nonetheless. This past Sunday had me on a high as I basked in the aftermath of a good run at a 4 hour pop up artist event at Hapa Collective, one of the boutiques I consign for. I have been outta the art show circuit for a while now and had my jitters suddenly back again the day before. My futile anxiety aside, the day couldnt have been better! The cherry on the icing - A loyal patron swung by to see me and picked up a whole bunch of my pieces. I was elated and thankful, the saleability of my new product lines gave me much needed reassurance, a good feeling.....
I miss my artist features and so here I am back at it with HippieKingdom, an eclectic line of eco fashion jewelry by artist/designer Devi Chand from Chennai, India. A born recycler and crafter, Devi dabbled in creative pursuits since childhood. A graduate of the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Accessory Design, she complemented her skills to steer her design ambition to the next level. The HippieKingdom line was born in November 2009 and Devi's work regularly features on the front page of etsy, where she sells her work.
Devi experiments with a variety of materials and textures including paper, yarn, straw, cardboard, seed, hemp, clay, etc. Most of her materials are recycled and/or come from natural earthy sources.
I simply love her work, truly ooak, earth friendly designs with a touch of colorful elegance. A must have addition to every  girl's wardrobe!
Just also heard Devi is tying the knot, best wishes to her and cheers to her adorable collection of handmade jewelry, do check her out @ for your holiday shopping!

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