Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Re: Back again!

Hello again,
Did I miss blogging? Honestly yes and no and no only coz I was prettily pre-occupied with nothing but exams and studying on my mind. Sometimes even the good things in life seem

Friday, November 19, 2010

Chipotle pleasures...

A dull, gloomy overcast friday and very routine a day for me-Studying away like there is no end for an upcoming mid-term. Whoever said open book exams are easy?:)...The only thing that

Monday, November 15, 2010

Re: Zen it is!

Hello all, my head was reeling with so much excitement at my new wellness find online that I couldnt help but share it right away.....yep an amazing site with well written words and advice we all truly need at one time or the other....hope you enjoy reading it at

Aha! The joy from a cuppa green tea!

Green Tea, y'all is so refreshing and gives u this overall healthy vibe as you indulge in a steaming cup, not too light nor too dark, just about the right tinge of light green/golden and there it is! I have always been an advocate of green tea over the regular indian milk chai(though i must confess giving into the temptation ocassionally...)...I have read enough about the benefits of green tea and its anti-oxidant power. A light and quick wake up tonic indeed for those mid-noon times and any other time you think you may need it. And some cities are so health friendly and stock an amazing imported variety of teas that picking the right one itself is like shopping in a mega shoe store:)....Green Tea-U rock!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Good Give-away-Great value!

Of late, I have been loving my Sleep CD, a Crowne Plaza compliment-dont even know when and where but one of those few privileges you get by being a frequent traveller and points holder:). Just saw it lying around the other day as part of miscellaneous put-aways from all our recent unpacking activity. Was tempted to give it a try...and it works wonders! if you had a stressful day and simply need to calm down, its a great thing to have by ur bedside...I was very impressed at the free goodie. Developed by Sound Sleep Solutions and called "Sleep Soundly" Sleep advantage cd, this cd surely delivers more than I thought it would. Even if you are not sleep starved, its good for relaxation and winding down. Also a good accompaniment for yoga, light stretching, or breathing practice.
So if you are one of those frequent flyers and crowne patrons, be sure to get your copy of the cd, if you dont have one already...a good addition to ur kitty.

Re: Pink morning...

A late good morning dear world,
One of those days where I feel extra bright, cheery, and pink:)....yes all dressed in pink too! One of those pink floral print umbrella cut tops and "patiala" Indian style bottoms to it. What am I doing right now? Day Dreaming all excitedly, having just sipped some "white ginger" tea...more about white ginger later-it tasted oh so pungent and different!...focussing on my management 501 course - chapter on organizational design-oh my, if only the world was an easier place-barter et all:)....well well so much to muse about and no no not complaining-u will see very little of it on the pink of life:)....remember we are all about smiles and some more.....soon again-ur friend at the pink of life!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why the pink of life?

Why "pink"? is coz as a woman, I proudly declare my love and pride behind pink. Second, pink is the color of universal love. A quiet color that signifies beauty. It is also a color for calm, relaxation, and contentment. Also pink coz I love cotton candy, not in any other color but in original pink, love pink carnations, roses, pink blush,pink satin pillows...mmmm:)and ofcourse my fav strawberry banana shake! Check out more on why pink at where the color expert shares wonderful info.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Re: Welcome!

Hello World,
Sure we all love our lives and I believe its worth living, no matter what or how things may seem. Out of my zeal to do something "nice" and cheery, and ofcourse out of my love for life arose this blog and I hope to reach out to lotsa folks, who are also on the journey of life, and wanting and seeking the pink of health in everything they do! The Pink of Life is all about a good read, and a feel good vibe, simple in its earnest feeling to do good. Its about optimism, joy, positivity, relaxation, creativity, motivation, self-love, good health on all levels-mental,physical,emotional,spiritual, and any other plane one may think of! Readers,I do hope you find here what you seek and if nothing leave smiling to stumble upon us again, another day, another time!
Your friend at the pink in life:)
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