Friday, November 12, 2010

Re: Pink morning...

A late good morning dear world,
One of those days where I feel extra bright, cheery, and pink:)....yes all dressed in pink too! One of those pink floral print umbrella cut tops and "patiala" Indian style bottoms to it. What am I doing right now? Day Dreaming all excitedly, having just sipped some "white ginger" tea...more about white ginger later-it tasted oh so pungent and different!...focussing on my management 501 course - chapter on organizational design-oh my, if only the world was an easier place-barter et all:)....well well so much to muse about and no no not complaining-u will see very little of it on the pink of life:)....remember we are all about smiles and some more.....soon again-ur friend at the pink of life!

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