Friday, November 12, 2010

Good Give-away-Great value!

Of late, I have been loving my Sleep CD, a Crowne Plaza compliment-dont even know when and where but one of those few privileges you get by being a frequent traveller and points holder:). Just saw it lying around the other day as part of miscellaneous put-aways from all our recent unpacking activity. Was tempted to give it a try...and it works wonders! if you had a stressful day and simply need to calm down, its a great thing to have by ur bedside...I was very impressed at the free goodie. Developed by Sound Sleep Solutions and called "Sleep Soundly" Sleep advantage cd, this cd surely delivers more than I thought it would. Even if you are not sleep starved, its good for relaxation and winding down. Also a good accompaniment for yoga, light stretching, or breathing practice.
So if you are one of those frequent flyers and crowne patrons, be sure to get your copy of the cd, if you dont have one already...a good addition to ur kitty.

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