Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Re: Back again!

Hello again,
Did I miss blogging? Honestly yes and no and no only coz I was prettily pre-occupied with nothing but exams and studying on my mind. Sometimes even the good things in life seem
taxing eh? Well two more weeks to go and I shall be rolling out so much on the pinkoflife, readers might just wonder what's up:)....There is clearly so much I haave thought about to write and it ain't happening right now for obvious reasons. Writing needs its own time and leisurely inspiration. But for spreading cheer, well there is no set time,its year round 24/7 thing, infectious and addictive!
Winter has set in and everybody's moved on from the initial oh no,I hate cold to ok, it's here now,life. So season after season, cycle after cycle, life resumes and refreshes itself and hopefully our bodies and spirits do as well-The flow of life.

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