Monday, May 30, 2011

Re: Summer Break-Fresh Inspirations!

Hello Pink Readers,
How I missed blogging!-been busy and away getting things ready for my first boutique consignments locally. How fun it was putting it together for my first showcase in the LA area. Crossing my fingers and hoping for a good run:) Also, vacation time-will take a short break and work on new inventory and fresh ideas. The heat is sure making me cocoon at home. Hope everybody is chilling this summer. Flip Flops, Beach, Popsicles, & soak up some Sun!
Will do a weekly update and stay connected, also hope to keep posting some new pics of what I am upto.
Soon Again,

Monday, May 16, 2011

Re: Ecofriendly Earring Giveaway!!!

Hello Monday!
Two weeks away from my vacation and I am all super charged:) Also excited to be hosting my first giveaway for an artist friend Fia who makes ecofriendly jewelry. Fia uses all natural materials in her crafting such as stones,shells,wood,seeds and recycled glass,upcycled jewelry beads or findings.Nature inspires her and so does color! Her creations are elegant and simple-every piece infuses an earthy rustic charm.
Fia is making this week fabulous for our readers by giving away a lovely pair of wood and glass danglers.

To win'em, simply join my blog and leave a comment under this post with your name & email. I will pick winners through a random drawing that closes on Sunday,the 22nd. So go ahead and try your lucky hand:)
Enjoy!Also do check out Fia's shop @

Have a great week ahead everybody!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Re: American Top Fave Foods in Miniature!

I so enjoyed creating a set of three magnets today-Oh Boy Food is always lovely isn't it? The pasta and pizza are my faves too! Its amazing how much of these foods are consumed in the US on a weekly basis. Sure there are fun statistics on that too somewhere!:).
I wanted to incorporate a burger in there but thought a trio is good for now-maybe next time.
Great kitchen decor and a perfect gift for anyone!
Check it out and show some foodie love @

Me craving some pizza for dinner-After a hard day's work:) Good night!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Re: Flea and Antique Find Beauties!

Monday is here again!
One of those lazy weekends that ended with "Fast Five":) Old stuff packaged fresh but ain't complaining-Atleast I dint doze away! Hoping for a super charged week ahead....
My blog has featured so many artists over the past few months with a special emphasis on ecofriendly ones. I can never get enough of ecofriendly and recycled works of art and my passion continues on. Today, I introduce Erin Gallant of AntiquetoChic Jewelry who is an avid recycler with paper, plastic, etc, and even her own jewelry designs. Erin reuses old and unwanted jewelry that she buys at yard sales, flea markets, and antique stores.
"Making jewelry is calming and theraputic to me and lets me express my endless creativity in something someone other than myself will enjoy" says Erin.
Since all finds are unique/vintage, every piece is one of a kind and there are no replicates. My personal pick is this pair of earrings that are vintage yellow twisted triangles.

Browse more @ and enjoy!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Re: Soft Toys you and the Planet will Love!

Hello Pink Readers,
Good morning! I've been away from blogging a couple a days and boy did I miss it! I was busy fulfilling custom requests and relaxed the weekend away. A flurry of world events one after the other and my tv room was abuzz with noise and conversation! Back to business and a nice warm and sunny monday beckoning me to work.......
Today, I would like to talk about Kate Pabst, an ecofriendly plush toy maker from OR & a fellow ecoetsy team mate, who believes that there is "just too much "stuff" on this earth to not reuse whenever possible." Kate is adept at using the hot glue gun and the sewing machine to churn out one of a kind cuties. A variety of soft toys made with a variety of planet friendly/recycled materials is her niche. Her etsy shop boasts of something for every animal lover. Browse @
Kate is an adventurist when it comes to materials and techniques-willing to try anything!

So many more to check out! Enjoy and I shall get back to my brushes and new spring ideas!
"Love Life-What's not to?!"

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