Monday, May 2, 2011

Re: Soft Toys you and the Planet will Love!

Hello Pink Readers,
Good morning! I've been away from blogging a couple a days and boy did I miss it! I was busy fulfilling custom requests and relaxed the weekend away. A flurry of world events one after the other and my tv room was abuzz with noise and conversation! Back to business and a nice warm and sunny monday beckoning me to work.......
Today, I would like to talk about Kate Pabst, an ecofriendly plush toy maker from OR & a fellow ecoetsy team mate, who believes that there is "just too much "stuff" on this earth to not reuse whenever possible." Kate is adept at using the hot glue gun and the sewing machine to churn out one of a kind cuties. A variety of soft toys made with a variety of planet friendly/recycled materials is her niche. Her etsy shop boasts of something for every animal lover. Browse @
Kate is an adventurist when it comes to materials and techniques-willing to try anything!

So many more to check out! Enjoy and I shall get back to my brushes and new spring ideas!
"Love Life-What's not to?!"



  1. Thank so much for featuring my shop and my creations, Sowmya! I love coming up with new patterns and would love to hear from your readers what new plush they'd like to see. Also, I'd like to offer 10% off a purchase from my shop to all your readers if you enter coupon code "pinkoflife" in the month of May.
    Thanks again for your support and for the beautiful work you send out into the world!

  2. Kate,thanks so much for your feedback and discount offer for my readers...the coupon code is indeed a grt idea!will promote it on my fb page and twitter.

  3. great post! I love her plushies and how she takes recycled materials to make fun toys for kids! It goes to show that recycling isn't that hard or boring, and it can bring about great things!

    Would love the chance to have an item of mine featured by your blog!


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