Monday, January 31, 2011

Re: Cyber Learning for small biz

Hello Pink lovers,
It's amazing what a few hours of online search and readings can do for your biz:)! Its like sitting at home and doing an online MBA course in itself. It can be so educative and so enriching an experience starting from how to start a fb page, how to get more fans, how to get more followers on twitter, how to tag items on etsy, how to sell without soliciting, how to better your pics using free online tools and it and they have a "how-to" on practically everything in life! And some really good advice at that. I have learnt in 2 weeks what I have not in a lifetime. Time to put it all to good use.
I love the etsy forums, features, and convos too from fellow etsians. So positive and vibrant a community, its another world altogether! I love Tim's blog , an excellent resource for all online sellers. So much of free advice delivered everyday when you are lost figuring things out for your new small business.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

re:So much to do!

Hello all,
Is everybody always and mostly bogged down with so much to do? Day after day, I go to bed thinking that I shall take it easy the following morning but half way into the day and I am half-tired already planning, executing, and planning some more. There's never enough time in a waking day to get to everything, is there? And no prioritizing does not help always, atleast not in my case! So the solution? Keep on doing what you can and try living moment to moment, to avoid chaos.
Well now let's get to work. Today, I decided to list few more purses and misc on etsy and keep the networking thing going. Its awesome that I really got 80 people to like my fb page within a few days of launching it. I am so thankful and happy and hoping for the good run all of this year and the rest if my artist life. There's always so much to do I repeat, especially if you are on your own. Go figure!:)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Re:An artist a day, everyday!

Hello Pink lovers,
Just floating past cloud none right now with my new idea-An artist every day for the rest of the year! Artists are one community and they need to sustain and support each other. In this spirit, I thought of featuring one artist every day on my new fb page and give my readers some nice visual treats everytime they log in. I hope that this enriches me and my art in turn as there is nothing that one cannot learn in this infinite space!
Will get to work on this shortly and wishing a great week ahead for everybody.
Was also reading about why people unfollow you on twitter-Ouch-it does hurt but well dont we do the same thing once a while? It's all game and cool.Cut out the bitterness as much as possible and the universe will always give plentiful.No worries:!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Re: Art and Audience

Dear Pink Life,
Its awesome to sit at your pc and keep networking away to glory. The artist world is so together and such a variety. Infact one gets to meet more peers online than anywhere else and its another huge benefit of cyberworld. I have had conversations with few artists in and around LA and I feel so good already knowing I am in the right direction-here's to a glorious 2011 for all my fellow artists.One such artist whose work I loved is Sandy and her ecofriendly creations. Check her out at
Art is such a thing of beauty and never to be taken for granted. Every creation comes out of so much labor and love that it needs to be valued for what it is. I promise to take my art seriously this year and cut myself not much slack in spreading word about my work. When art is appreciated and talked about, it is it's own reward! Afterall what is art without audience huh!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year everybody...

So yes that time has come again, the time to reflect, say goodbye, leave behind the past, and look forward to something fresh, positive, and renewing. Hope everyone had a good time ringing in the year, well I did too. It's always fun to meet
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