Wednesday, January 26, 2011

re:So much to do!

Hello all,
Is everybody always and mostly bogged down with so much to do? Day after day, I go to bed thinking that I shall take it easy the following morning but half way into the day and I am half-tired already planning, executing, and planning some more. There's never enough time in a waking day to get to everything, is there? And no prioritizing does not help always, atleast not in my case! So the solution? Keep on doing what you can and try living moment to moment, to avoid chaos.
Well now let's get to work. Today, I decided to list few more purses and misc on etsy and keep the networking thing going. Its awesome that I really got 80 people to like my fb page within a few days of launching it. I am so thankful and happy and hoping for the good run all of this year and the rest if my artist life. There's always so much to do I repeat, especially if you are on your own. Go figure!:)

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