Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Re:An artist a day, everyday!

Hello Pink lovers,
Just floating past cloud none right now with my new idea-An artist every day for the rest of the year! Artists are one community and they need to sustain and support each other. In this spirit, I thought of featuring one artist every day on my new fb page and give my readers some nice visual treats everytime they log in. I hope that this enriches me and my art in turn as there is nothing that one cannot learn in this infinite space!
Will get to work on this shortly and wishing a great week ahead for everybody.
Was also reading about why people unfollow you on twitter-Ouch-it does hurt but well dont we do the same thing once a while? It's all game and cool.Cut out the bitterness as much as possible and the universe will always give plentiful.No worries:!

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