Monday, February 28, 2011

Re: Mystical Magic!

Good Monday Morning! Some visual treat huh!
My day's off to a cool start with some banana milkshake and toast-simple little joys of life:) Afterall what is life without celebration huh? I would like to talk of cheery and bubbling works of art by my artist of the day Elizabeth Matlack, a cancer survivor of 26 years and a very talented acrylic painter. Even the mysterious darkness of a stormy scene radiates beauty with just a touch of colour, in her own words.
Elizabeth works out of a small, hot pink studio in my home that I share with my husband Adam in rural Ontario, Canada; gives her the perfect setting to find her inspiration, in nature and in everyday life.
What unique joy this piece sends out.....
Check out more of her works @ and enjoy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Re: A perfect blend of classic and modern!

Good Friday Y'all,
Back to business after a relaxing birthday break and still basking in birthday hues, its time to feature my artist of the day-Jewelry maker Vanessa Puckett-thepink80's girl who creates imaginative and fun designs all inspired by the Era of Steampunk, Gothic Lifestyle, Alice in Wonderland and easy Whimsical delights. Classic, gothic, antique, victorian, mystical, and you will find her pieces all these and more.

What a timeless blend of old and new?
If only we could actually use the key everytime;)!
Have a great weekend guys and don't forget to check out Vanessa's etsy shop:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Re: Robot Art!

Good morning pink readers,
How is everybody? Hope the mid-week crisis has not set in yet ;). I was in creative hibernation for a day and then energized back to my routine. I cant wait to create something new today-something spectacular if I may! If only all my house chores could be handled by a 24/7 robot-Hmmmm Life would be so.................
Talking of robots, there is an artist from NYC by name Melanie Rodriguez who handmakes adorable toy robots from electronic parts and polymer clay. In her own words: "creepy antique china dolls, abandoned houses, music, guitar, laughter, children, love, day dreaming, insects, monsters under your bed, stop animation and anything miniature, these are all things that inspire me and make me who I am." Surely, these mini robots are a cute little keepsake to order around:)

An artist simply needs an idea to start something new and the above picture is a perfect case in point. Check out more of her creations @
Had fun writing about these adorable things and will let my own creative juices flow now.......

Monday, February 21, 2011

Re: Don't mind the Cold If I can have these...

Good Monday Readers,
The cold wave seems to rock the east coast and it gets me so nostalgic thinking about the snowed-in nothing to do but

Friday, February 18, 2011

Re: Who Doesn't Love Silk?

Good Day all,
TGIF:) Looking forward to a refreshing and relaxing weekend and also hoping for some etsy time, of course not to mention my marketing course assignments due Sunday midnight! Convenience is the key to balance says me:)
I so love writing about my new artist friends every day and Jodee Hansen Fiedler takes up my space today as her silk scarves beckon me to touch, feel, and try them on! Silk is pure passion, royalty, smoothness, and spells sheer romance. Jodee handpaints all her silk creations and they are so colorful and weave their own pattern, one to go with every outfit and every occasion. She got fixated on silk painting after trying her hand at many other arts and crafts and silk it was for her. Her inspiration stems from nature, her children, textiles, and the wonderful Minnesota seasons......check out her etsy store y'all!  Her melange of colors on her banner is so enticing.

Wrap me around sings this one...

Me off to photographing and listing my new table runners for the weekend. Have a good one guys!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Re: Pampering is an Art too!

Good day pink lovers,
I got off this morning thinking about health and wellness, and a dash of spirituality after a long talk with my mom over phone which is always the much needed succour after any blues I've had! A good spa day or better yet, some lone time home spa day is much needed too and that brings me to Robyn's nest boutique, my artist of the day-Her shop features all natural decorative & novelty soap, perfume, body sprays, lip balms, scrubs, body butter bars, gifts, and more! Robyn is a certified esthetician who loves making bath and body products so she can enjoy spending time with her twins at home and still express her creativity. Ooooh I so love this jar-wanna just gobble it all up:)! Maybe better stick to the scrub.

I love the variety she has to offer-check out her etsy store:
Lovely stuff Robyn! And this makes me want to take a day off from everything and just indulge.......

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Re: Art's best made on a Rainy Gloomy Day!

Good Morning,
What an overcast, rain filled day-A great day for brooding indoors and churning out art:). Artists & Crafters need no reason to come up with new and fun ideas for their creations. Like today's artist Sue Hunt who makes handmade cards using cross stitch patterns and cute little pastel drawings. An olive tree, lavender & bay trees, teddy bears, frogs, cakes, hearts-simple themes that touch your everyday life.
Sue was home for several years unable to go to work and started drawing the pots in the garden laying in a recliner. That started her journey and now she is a full time artist making quirky pastels drawings that are print, tear, and mounted onto A6 blank cards.
Happy Birthday!!!

See more of Sue's work at &
So much to look, enjoy, and learn in the art world and I am having a fun coaster ride just getting to know what other artists do! Stay tuned for something special everyday-An artist A day, everyday!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Re: A Home is not just a Home!

Hello Pink Readers,
Today, its all about the house, home, architecture, and the urban landscape. So glad to feature and talk about my artist of the day David Hinchen who does amazing sketches and paintings of buildings, especially older ones with history and a

Monday, February 14, 2011

Re: My Valentine Day Special!

Good morning!
Happy Valentine's Day everybody, enjoy the love all around you and cherish your family and friends, of course this day is just an extra reminder not the only day for love!

Today, my Valentine day special feature talks about Acclaimed Paper Artist, Mandy Smith whose work has been featured in many magazines, blogs, and very recently on the etsy blog. Peek @ for pictures and a very cute and fun animation video

Friday, February 11, 2011

Re: New Designs-Diverse yet Connected!

As promised, I did end up putting my afternoon to good use and painted some new ecofriendly stationery art-Jute Portfolios. I created three diverse pieces in terms of design but they are all connected through the concepts of delicate patterns and shapes. Feathers, spring leaves and colors, and an intricate henna design with black outliner and red fabric color. Had fun creating all of'em and freshly listed @ my etsy store: Check it out!
Have a great weekend ahead everyone and happy Valentine Day Shopping!

Re: Johnny Depp on a Magnet?!

Hello pink readers,
This morning got off to a fantasy travel into a distant, mystical world of fairies, unicorns, dragons, and of course my very own favorite pirates:). There are few artists who can effectively translate

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Re: Necklaces inspired by the Berkshire Mountains!

Good Morning Y'all,
I am having a great time looking through her etsy store and featuring my jewelry artist Deb Hall who handcrafts jewelry with sterling silver, gold, and other semi-precious gems. Her design style is

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Re: A Birthday Meal I made after a long time!

I couldnt fight the urge to share this south Indian meal on my blog that I had prepared for my husband after god knows how many years. For some strange reason, I resisted the easy temptation of dining out and wanted to

Re: The joy of painting Animals

Good morning my pink readers,
Just had some delicious Tapioca pudding with cashews and raisins for breakfast-lol! I thought dessert for breaking the day is not a bad idea plus tapioca is healthy eatiing right ;)! And on the joy of the same, I featured my artist of the day-Brenda Thour who is a wildlife and landscape painter. Her work is original and visually very appealing-the details of the spots and stripes on the animals are worth checking out.

Look at the zebras-Don't you wish you could have them on your wall? Visit her store at

My day promises lots of busyness-creating and studying, all I seem to do nowadays! Bye y'all...

Monday, February 7, 2011

re:And Mommy the Quilt speaks!

Good noon,
This morning got off to another great start with my second sale on etsy! Oh boy what a feeling when someone actually loves your stuff so much to actually buy it:) That's the graification that artists live for. I am specially inspired to roll out a floral spring collection all of this week inspired by Mr.Groundhog! So keep watching my space for photos and more.

Today, my featured artist is Janeen Sepulveda, quilter who creates magic with one of a kind patterns. She designs, sews, and quilts with 30 plus years of experience and can craft a quilt off a photo within 2 weeks! So whatcha waiting for-Get that special teddy bear or winnie the pooh quilted for your little angel and you do know that handmade quilts last forever right!:)
Look at this intricate pattern! I am so attracted visually to this piece by Janeen, it speaks its own language of color and mystery and weaves a puzzle...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Re: Pampering for the Bride!

Good Superbowl Sunday everyone,
I am sure a lot of folks are busy getting ready for the parties. I just got back on time for a party myself from Hot Springs and was blown away by nature's awesomeness:) The mineral waters did soothe and refresh my spirits. An artist needs that once a while, isn't it?
Just featured my artist of the day-Jessica Gallo who creates bridal jewelry and accessories born from a love of luxurious fabrics and materials, feminine design and the highest quality craftsmanship.
The brand is known for its signtaure hairbands and accessories made from swarovski pearls and crystals, sterling silver metals and custom original metalwork. You can also expect hand-crafted silk flowers, cut staight from the bolt, hand-pressed, hand-sewn and always unique and perfect for fascinators, belts and brooches.
Jessica loves working with bold colors and textures and it reflects in her work. Enjoy seeing and reading more about her creations @

So much dazzle and the bride surely must see the stars!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Re:Jewelry can never get old!

Grt day pink lovers:)!
Today, I featured Jessica Speake as my artist of the day for my facebook page and I plan on doing this everyday! Its amazing the connections and positivity that goes around when you not only promote your own work but also that of other artists! Art is one and a true artist alone knows the highs and lows of this journey. Brand building and self promotion are no easy tasks!
I believe everyone with talent has the potential to succeed. Being web savvy is the icing on the cake.

The tips for today from my recent learnings on etsy are:
Promote, promote, promote wherever and however you can possibly do it!
Keep on creating and listing, later renewing.
Great photos
Apt keywords/tags
Detailed and accurate descriptions
Linking to store within listings
Creating treasuries
Participating(meaningful) in forums, discussions, chats
Getting featured on other blogs of interest
Facebook page/twitter/blog-all connected in a simultaneous way
Facebook/etsy/blog ads

And ofcourse a good product targeted at the right segments!I wish to put all of the above to good use and hoping to stumple upon more tips and insights on my own journey around to share.

Again, don't forget to check out Jessica's jewelry-Its really pretty and a great valentine find! Women and their connection to jewelry is a no-brainer. Have a great day ahead and me off to fresh listings!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Re:Love is in the Air!

Great day all,
Happy Groundhog Day and its amazing that we are getting an early spring:) yahoo! So ready for one though I can't complain sitting in California, Can I ;);)?!
My highlight of the day is creating Valentine's day Jute fabric note cards for conveying "I love u" in a very  heartfelt, artsy, and personalized way! Check out my limited love collection @ and lemme know your thoughts. I also posted a pic for your viewing pleasure. Love is truly a universal language and speaks across boundaries. It is magical, whimsical, desirable, curative, joyful, and so much more and best of all its cheap!It costs you nothing to love your family, friends, neighbors, and the whole world...and what goes around comes around. So whatcha waiting for? Spread the L word and don't forget to love yourself:)
Happy Valentine's day! Do surprise your special someone.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Re:Green Office for her!

What a great feeling to list new work on etsy and your fb page to showcase to the world! Its quite something and the best thing for me in the mornings. I truly believe stationary should be as ecofriendly as possible coz that's something the world uses on a daily basis and in so many ways. My little contribution to ecofashion for her is my latest addition-Jute Portfolios for anytime, anywhere use. They are so light, so cute, and so flexible. Anybody would like to receive it for a gift! See my new listings @

Some other interesting finds online for green stationery are:
FoosieDesign and greysgreetings on etsy

There are so many more, just desire to go green and once you do, you will realize how fab the G life can get:)
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