Monday, February 14, 2011

Re: My Valentine Day Special!

Good morning!
Happy Valentine's Day everybody, enjoy the love all around you and cherish your family and friends, of course this day is just an extra reminder not the only day for love!

Today, my Valentine day special feature talks about Acclaimed Paper Artist, Mandy Smith whose work has been featured in many magazines, blogs, and very recently on the etsy blog. Peek @ for pictures and a very cute and fun animation video
featuring her paper house.
She creates one of a kind, truly fascinating, jaw dropping creations from paper and I knew from the moment I read her etsy interview that I had to feature her on my blog. I emailed her for an interview and the humble artist she is, she gladly obliged and shared a few things about her work and musings that I hope you enjoy reading.....

Excerpts from the Interview:
1) Why Paper?
Mandy: I did a course at Pinewood Studios in England and realized there how relatively fast it was to build up and make things with paper and glue. I was more impressed by how glue made paper become so versatile. I always played around with it as a child but it was only 2 years ago that I thought about properly giving it a shot. Also it's easily accessible and you don't need a big desk space to work with it as a material.
2) What was your first creation?
My first creation was this: but when I was a kid I remember making a puppet out of paper! Sadly I don't have a picture of that!
3)What objects and textures inspire you?
Anything slightly weird, magical and old. Amsterdam has so much character and isn't full of new builds so that inspires me all the time. Old villages and cities like Barcelona too. Trees and plants and organic twists and twirls in forests. I suppose things that seem closest to Fantasy films!
4)What are your fav colors?
My favourite colours to work with are dull and pastel like colours.
5)Do you ever see yourself starting your own animated series based on your creations?
I'd love to start my own animation series. I'm actually planning on making Rumpelstiltskin as my next project so that's a longer story but yes one day it would be great to make this my living. I'd love to work with more people too on creating massive worlds for people to explore and lose themselves in.
6)What’s your message to new and emerging artists? I'm fairly new to this too but I'd say to stick at it and believe something good would happen. It is hard to   motivate yourself to work for yourself sometimes but if you have patience and faith hopefully something good will come of it and at the least you'll have a nice little creation.

Thanks Mandy, that went well and I really enjoyed doing this feature. Brilliant concept, detail, and a lot of patience go into every piece- Look at this!

For more pictures and information about Mandy's work, get curious @ Enjoy!

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