Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My pendant on handmadeology!

Good mid day readers!
My day's off to a great start as I share some good news. Cindi, an etsy artist and guest writer has featured one of my sunflower pendants on her post for, one of etsy's largest art community and a widely read blog. Be sure to check it out for must-have sales tips, small biz advice, and more...
And the link to the read is
Cooking in my studio...some art note cards for the holidays and some miniature jewelry for my second batch of consignment. My art brooch "I love Art" below has sold within an hour of display @ the hapa collective boutique. A customer wants more! What else is more satisfying for an artist whose pure joy is to paint night and day....
A few thoughts on consignment I would like to share from my experience so far:
**Being very organized with your inventory list helps a lot! Both the inventory in stock at home and the inventory handed over for consignment. This way you can avoid unwanted stress and chaos in the process..
**Only promise what you can seriously deliver within the expected timeline.
**Set your pricing high enough wherein the margin with the boutique doesn't chew into your profit. Having said that, be reasonable at the same time since it's a new product and takes time to sell.
**It's always good if you can supply your own display to the boutique, if possible. If you need some display pieces, work on getting some nifty deals at dollar stores or flea markets.
**Timely and friendly communication helps maintain a good positive relationship that is mutually beneficial.
**Supplying seasonal/holiday items well ahead would help with better exposure and sales. I learnt my jute bags and accessories do better in the spring/summer time and it was already a tad late to put them up in June.

Just a few pointers that spring to mind....every consignment experience is different and its worth a try!
Enjoy the day.....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Re: Miniature Frogs and Strawberry Gateaux!

Hello Readers,
Just a bit overwhelmed with my things to do list and thought I should write it down and check off things you know what they say about that and a quote by A. A. Milne says it best: Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up. 
So my first check off is my blog post which has been long pending! Oh boy you cannot relax, breathe and get things done at the same time-Can ya!? Atleast I can't all the time-I am not the enlightened one yet! hoping to get there someday soon.....Anyway!
I have been wanting to feature an artist from Bangalore, India by name Susmitha who does truly unique and very pretty jewelry. One look at it and you feel transformed into a whimsical mini world of color and joy. Susmitha is an avid animal lover, a Reiki practitioner, a tarot reader and a vegan philosopher, all of which reflects in her passionate creations. Her cute etsy shop has art beads, miniature sculptures, and artisan jewelry using Polymer Clay, Wire - Silver and Copper, Lampwork Glass Beads, Gemstones and Crystals.
I love the choice of colors and the variety her work offers. Susmitha says: "I plunge my entire being into what I'm making and let the love flow through me to the work of art that is being formed." She calls it meditation and it is truly one of the best kinds indeed!
Don't you agree?

Enjoy Susmitha's gallery @
Me off to some more check offs before I sleep tonite!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inspirational & Eco Friendly: This Is It!

It's been a while since I did an artist feature and I couldn't but resist getting back at it the moment I came across Jodi and Dan's cute little shop on etsy named this is it. The duo also happen to be my co-members on team eco etsy. The husband and wife team from Oregon had a dream to make eco friendly inspirational gifts which are also animal friendly. The dream - This is it was born in 2005 and offers journals, spiral notebooks, cards, jewelry, notepads, and custom wedding goodies.
Entrepreneur and do-gooders, the couple donate a percentage of profits to animal welfare groups. 
I love their simple and sustainable product line and the passion that goes into the creation process.
Worth checking out @

Don't you just love it?! Anything that makes you smile or feel good is good enough indeed....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Re: Looking to Guest write on a blog

Hello Readers,
What can be the next best thing besides writing your own blog? Guest writing for another one! It's like sharing some extra space to convey your thoughts to the world. I am working on a guest post for this blog named KanelStrand organic living @ - A neat little blog on sustainable living and much else. Sonya of the blog is also an etsy artist and designer of organic jewelry, from exotic Scandinavia. She lives with her family in a pine forest by the sea and is apparently very nature inspired. All her creations are made in a clean, unpolluted environment in the heart of the Norwegian forest by crocheting and knitting pure Norwegian and Icelandic wool. I love her cute little things! Check out more @

Can't wait to share my blog post with you all. Coming soon........there's always something so refreshing about organic, isn't it?! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exciting or What-My work in Dundee, Scotland!

Hello Readers,
A lovely day to stay and work from home-Grey skies and pretty drizzles! I have some nice news to share-My work on Jute has made it all the way to Dundee, Scotland where it is currently being exhibited @ the Dundee’s Verdant Works – a restored 19th-century jute mill which is now a living-history museum, the exhibition named From Carriers to Coffins-Jute in the 21st Century.
There is a wonderful medley of various jute products highlighting their uses in modern life, including the world of high fashion. Designers and artists from all over the world have contributed items for the exhibition and I am
honored to have my jute table runner and portfolio displayed as part of the fantastic collection.
Check it out Cool ain't it?!

One never knows where one could go with a piece of art! Seriously, art has its own way of globe trotting!
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