Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My pendant on handmadeology!

Good mid day readers!
My day's off to a great start as I share some good news. Cindi, an etsy artist and guest writer has featured one of my sunflower pendants on her post for, one of etsy's largest art community and a widely read blog. Be sure to check it out for must-have sales tips, small biz advice, and more...
And the link to the read is
Cooking in my studio...some art note cards for the holidays and some miniature jewelry for my second batch of consignment. My art brooch "I love Art" below has sold within an hour of display @ the hapa collective boutique. A customer wants more! What else is more satisfying for an artist whose pure joy is to paint night and day....
A few thoughts on consignment I would like to share from my experience so far:
**Being very organized with your inventory list helps a lot! Both the inventory in stock at home and the inventory handed over for consignment. This way you can avoid unwanted stress and chaos in the process..
**Only promise what you can seriously deliver within the expected timeline.
**Set your pricing high enough wherein the margin with the boutique doesn't chew into your profit. Having said that, be reasonable at the same time since it's a new product and takes time to sell.
**It's always good if you can supply your own display to the boutique, if possible. If you need some display pieces, work on getting some nifty deals at dollar stores or flea markets.
**Timely and friendly communication helps maintain a good positive relationship that is mutually beneficial.
**Supplying seasonal/holiday items well ahead would help with better exposure and sales. I learnt my jute bags and accessories do better in the spring/summer time and it was already a tad late to put them up in June.

Just a few pointers that spring to mind....every consignment experience is different and its worth a try!
Enjoy the day.....

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