Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Re: Looking to Guest write on a blog

Hello Readers,
What can be the next best thing besides writing your own blog? Guest writing for another one! It's like sharing some extra space to convey your thoughts to the world. I am working on a guest post for this blog named KanelStrand organic living @ - A neat little blog on sustainable living and much else. Sonya of the blog is also an etsy artist and designer of organic jewelry, from exotic Scandinavia. She lives with her family in a pine forest by the sea and is apparently very nature inspired. All her creations are made in a clean, unpolluted environment in the heart of the Norwegian forest by crocheting and knitting pure Norwegian and Icelandic wool. I love her cute little things! Check out more @

Can't wait to share my blog post with you all. Coming soon........there's always something so refreshing about organic, isn't it?! 

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