Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Re: Pampering yourself naturally with Beer Soap?!

Hello Pink Readers,
Been off the blogger circuit for a couple of weeks, working on inventory and exploring local market avenues. I have decided to start showing my work at art shows in and around the area and look forward to my first one mid-October. Yay!
I would like to feature one of my team mates on ecoetsy for today's interesting read. Erin Krug, a mom of two who works her magic around crafting natural vegetable based body care products-A true vegan delight indeed!
Erin is a science teacher turned stay-a-home mother who just wanted the very best products for her children. So was born the inspiration for Krugsecologic. Her product line includes natural soaps, lotions, scrubs, masks, and skincare that boast of a melange of exotic ingredients. Unique and so desirable - Look at the Beer Soap for instance and read about what goes into it @ You would be surprised!

Then there's more of rose shea, lavender, peppermint, agave almond, ooh...Lovely and the list goes on....
Erin's products and packaging are all eco-friendly too with reused and recycled as the keywords. Now I love that!

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