Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Re: Cat's Cork Jewelry-Unique's the Word!

I was looking for something really unique and interesting to break the mid week blues and the downpour of pitter patter drops here in sunny of those days!:) and then I din't have to look too far. Cat Ivins's ooak recycled cork jewelry truly caught my eye and I knew I wanted her work on my front page! Cat calls herself a "mad scientist mom" living it up on the Jersey shore. All of her cork creations come from cork that is harvested off oak trees in Portugal forests, a process that is repeated once in nine years the old fashioned way without the use of agri chemicals that help preserve the forest's delicate eco system.
Her product line includes wine cork necklaces, terrariums, pushpins, earrings, cuff links, and more. Who ever thought cork could be used this way huh!? An artist can always create things, even out of thin air............Lovely idea and I dig it!
See more @ - Enjoy!

Cat currently recycles corks from her local bars and restaurants and encourages you to do so as well-have any cork lying around your kitchen? Want something creative out of it? Cat's the person to talk to!

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