Monday, February 7, 2011

re:And Mommy the Quilt speaks!

Good noon,
This morning got off to another great start with my second sale on etsy! Oh boy what a feeling when someone actually loves your stuff so much to actually buy it:) That's the graification that artists live for. I am specially inspired to roll out a floral spring collection all of this week inspired by Mr.Groundhog! So keep watching my space for photos and more.

Today, my featured artist is Janeen Sepulveda, quilter who creates magic with one of a kind patterns. She designs, sews, and quilts with 30 plus years of experience and can craft a quilt off a photo within 2 weeks! So whatcha waiting for-Get that special teddy bear or winnie the pooh quilted for your little angel and you do know that handmade quilts last forever right!:)
Look at this intricate pattern! I am so attracted visually to this piece by Janeen, it speaks its own language of color and mystery and weaves a puzzle...

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