Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Re: A Birthday Meal I made after a long time!

I couldnt fight the urge to share this south Indian meal on my blog that I had prepared for my husband after god knows how many years. For some strange reason, I resisted the easy temptation of dining out and wanted to
test my culinary abilities for special occasions and I guess my husband's remark this noon on that he over-ate last night was good enough testimony for me. It is a special feeling when you cut out everything else on your to-do list for the day and kitchen mark all that time:) I'm not sure I would want to do that everyday, or for that matter every birthday but the fact that I did it yday is good enough for the time being. My sudden inspiration sprouted from very many cooking blogs I have been on lately just scouring every possible new dish or let's say dishes with ingredients I readily have at home. I think sometimes boredom with the repeat menu gets to you!
Anyways, here's sharing a picture of the meal that took me two hours to prepare....not bad eh?;) of course not to mention the cleanup after....

And yes, wouldnt you want to know what's in there? Cilantro & Ginger chutney, eggplant onion curry, sweet potato and bottle guard gravy, and for dessert tapioca pudding with cashews and raisins that I ended up relishing for my bfast this morning:) and the cheesecake that I dint make obviously does not end up in the photo! Not sure when I will ever churn out another meal of this sort but till then I shall cherish this accomplishment.

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