Friday, February 11, 2011

Re: Johnny Depp on a Magnet?!

Hello pink readers,
This morning got off to a fantasy travel into a distant, mystical world of fairies, unicorns, dragons, and of course my very own favorite pirates:). There are few artists who can effectively translate
these themes into visually attractive mediums and one such artist I met online recently is Kristin Cornell whose work is unique and captivating. For those of you dragon lovers, check out her store @
Kristin is a true aquarian and takes pride in her zodiac. She also has immense love for the ocean having lived close to the beach most her life. In her own words:
"Even though she majored in graphic design which principles certainly contribute to her art, she's a mostly self-taught artist. Messy mediums such as paint and charcoal have never been very nice to her, but the smooth glide of colored pencils is magic."

The picture of this pirate art bookmark says enough!

Coming back to reality, the truth of the matter is that these artist fingers of mine crave for some work and I need to get off cyberworld for a while and enjoy the time and space of "creating"! Enjoy & TGIF!


  1. What a fun surprise! Thank you for featuring my pirate. Can you believe I actually based him off a picture of my dad in his 20's and not Johnny Depp? He really has a pet parrot, who's older than me! :D

  2. Kristin, Welcome! Interesting to know and thanks for sharing...compliment to your dad:)


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