Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Re: A Home is not just a Home!

Hello Pink Readers,
Today, its all about the house, home, architecture, and the urban landscape. So glad to feature and talk about my artist of the day David Hinchen who does amazing sketches and paintings of buildings, especially older ones with history and a
story to tell. Essentially a self-taught artist, David's interests in aesthetics, urban design, architecture and history have always influenced his work. David has developed a completely original technique which is characterized by precise ink images with acrylic tones painted over each other, resembling thin semi-opaque or transparent layers.
He has completed over twenty years worth of commissions throughout the Northeast and beyond. The majority of his drawings & paintings are of historic homes and landmark buildings in metropolitan New York and Boston. Davis's work has also been in various galleries, exhibitions, and private art collections.

Every home has so much to say about its inhabitants-past or present. It has its own personality and speaks volumes about the times of the culture and civilization it was built in. So intriguing and magical! Nostalgia and a strange sense of tranquil-Architecture does that to you!

Wouldn't you love your home as an original, personal, & lasting piece of art on your wall? Nice eh!

You can see more of his gorgeous homes and buildings on his website:

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