Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Re: Robot Art!

Good morning pink readers,
How is everybody? Hope the mid-week crisis has not set in yet ;). I was in creative hibernation for a day and then energized back to my routine. I cant wait to create something new today-something spectacular if I may! If only all my house chores could be handled by a 24/7 robot-Hmmmm Life would be so.................
Talking of robots, there is an artist from NYC by name Melanie Rodriguez who handmakes adorable toy robots from electronic parts and polymer clay. In her own words: "creepy antique china dolls, abandoned houses, music, guitar, laughter, children, love, day dreaming, insects, monsters under your bed, stop animation and anything miniature, these are all things that inspire me and make me who I am." Surely, these mini robots are a cute little keepsake to order around:)

An artist simply needs an idea to start something new and the above picture is a perfect case in point. Check out more of her creations @
Had fun writing about these adorable things and will let my own creative juices flow now.......

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