Monday, January 31, 2011

Re: Cyber Learning for small biz

Hello Pink lovers,
It's amazing what a few hours of online search and readings can do for your biz:)! Its like sitting at home and doing an online MBA course in itself. It can be so educative and so enriching an experience starting from how to start a fb page, how to get more fans, how to get more followers on twitter, how to tag items on etsy, how to sell without soliciting, how to better your pics using free online tools and it and they have a "how-to" on practically everything in life! And some really good advice at that. I have learnt in 2 weeks what I have not in a lifetime. Time to put it all to good use.
I love the etsy forums, features, and convos too from fellow etsians. So positive and vibrant a community, its another world altogether! I love Tim's blog , an excellent resource for all online sellers. So much of free advice delivered everyday when you are lost figuring things out for your new small business.

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