Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Re: Welcome!

Hello World,
Sure we all love our lives and I believe its worth living, no matter what or how things may seem. Out of my zeal to do something "nice" and cheery, and ofcourse out of my love for life arose this blog and I hope to reach out to lotsa folks, who are also on the journey of life, and wanting and seeking the pink of health in everything they do! The Pink of Life is all about a good read, and a feel good vibe, simple in its earnest feeling to do good. Its about optimism, joy, positivity, relaxation, creativity, motivation, self-love, good health on all levels-mental,physical,emotional,spiritual, and any other plane one may think of! Readers,I do hope you find here what you seek and if nothing leave smiling to stumble upon us again, another day, another time!
Your friend at the pink in life:)

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