Friday, November 19, 2010

Chipotle pleasures...

A dull, gloomy overcast friday and very routine a day for me-Studying away like there is no end for an upcoming mid-term. Whoever said open book exams are easy?:)...The only thing that
cheered me up today was an extra dose of good food. For lunch, it was friend lentil doughnuts and for dinner the chipotle veggie bowl with the icing on the cake-Guac! I love the way the flavors of the bowl melt into your mouth-Genius master chipotle crafter-whoever comes up with such simple yet life changing combinations of everyday ingredients that truly make you come back for more! So food can nourish, nurture, pamper, and relax the soul, no matter how grey the outside....anybody can vouch for that isn't it?

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