Thursday, September 4, 2014

Re: Music and Art

Hello readers,
I'm back to writing, my art, creating, designing, gawking at other artist works that inspire or leave me wondering "how did they do it?". After a long blogging break, my fingers itch to keep this going, hoping to keep your interest alive with my posts and give you something to enjoy, reflect, smile, anything really as a break.
As I re branded my art line and relaunched on etsy recently, I have been thinking about creating art with content - themes and designs that celebrate life, inspire the artist within each of us, reflect on the positive, make gifting more meaningful, etc. One of my favorite jewelry pieces in my latest collection that flew home to Australia is a violin pendant. Its my way of blending music with art, in fact the jewelry was intended for a musician as a gift. How many people think of music as purely an art form? Or is it science or entertainment? In my opinion it is a bit of each of the above.
Interesting and fun tidbits about the majestic violin:
The violin is also aka the fiddle. The oldest violin traces back to the 1500's. The oldest surviving violin is named Charles IX-lol! The current record amount paid for a violin is $15.9 mill in a 2011 auction. The music styles that use the violin are classical, jazz, folk, Arabic, & pop mainly. Who knew all this stuff about the violin - Not me! Here is my humble reproduction of the instrument:
Also here @

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