Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, new hopes.....

Dear Readers,
May 2012 be an year of strength, hope, renewal, and joy. Let the year of the dragon be fortifying and fulfilling to all. I had a fun holiday season, with a mix of everything thrown in. A trip to Vegas, Argentinian food in old town Pasadena followed by grooving to an amazing remix to usher in the year, a day trip to Catalina island, some shopping, and I call it a good end and beginning.
Few things I've thought about as I bid goodbye to 2011: I would like to start volunteering as much as possible, would like to start a small organic garden patch, go around town to do some self exploring, spend quality time with nature, and cherish the small little things in and around. Also, would like to practice more of living in the present.
What have you thought to change or add to your life this year?

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