Sunday, February 12, 2012

Re: New hair do, new skill, new life!

Good Morning,
Its amazing sometimes how small things can impact your mood and overall feeling of well being, that lil something to get your groove back on. I have been a bit under the weather lately thinking about a bunch of things and  decided to get a new haircut and also learn a new skill. And bam! It worked or what? It has surely reset a few things for me. A new hair do (provided your stylist did her job well:) does change how you feel about yourself, changes your perspective and adds to your sense of self. I walked out 6-7 inches shorter on my tresses and all that much lighter too! My steps had bounce in them as I cheerily walked out in the mist making my way home uphill. I had a feeling I left behind something I dint need, cut out some noise.

I also took an hour private lesson with a jewelry maker and learnt how to string beads and crimp and wrap wire to make basic necklaces and earrings, an addition to my hand painted jewelry line. It made my day when I came home to see my creation in class, a beaded necklace with a hand painted pendant! Wow, did I really do it all? A great feeling......Here it is! What do ya think?

Hoping to work on some blue pearls and a butterfly pendant, soon in my etsy shop!


  1. That is awesome! Sometimes that's all it takes to feel better about things! Your private lesson must have been fun. You did a great job on your beading, beautiful necklace!! :)

    I recently had about 6 inches cut off from my hair too, and it did feel great! It was getting too long and too time consuming each day!! You're right, something as simple as a haircut does give you a new sense of everything.

  2. Trina,
    Thanks, hoping to do some homework too:)! less I forget everything I learnt. I agree, short hair rules!


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