Thursday, February 23, 2012

Re: Birds of Prey Amaze me!

Hello Readers,
I couldn't wait to get out my notes this morning, the little fun tidbits I had written the other day while attending a volunteer training @ the Audubon Society. A workshop has never been this much fun and the people made it so special! Starting with the history of the society, the land, the building, took us down a century ago in black and white photographs of early settlers, innovators, and real estate developers. Not to bore with a history lesson but just learning that a fully destroyed forest land has in fact regrown itself to a beautiful rain forest a few decades later almost to the point of no recognition, makes me wonder at the self restorative property of nature. Nature is so mysteriously powerful! so brilliant...
Enjoyed learning about birds, specifically birds of prey, owls (fell head over heels in love with Hazel, the white spotted northern owl), amazed at the binocular vision of the hawks! Did you know that hawks can literally see a tiny rabbit amidst tall green grass from a distance of nearly 2 miles?? I am sure that leaves them never hungry huh! And that vultures open their wings wide on hitting the sun's rays to kill bacteria on them? and they sure have a great sense of smell too, that works in a 2 miles radius. I can barely smell a burnt pan on the stove till minutes later and by then my DH is yelling his lungs out:)!
I wish to go back and pitch in a few hours every week as I get to spend time with nature, birds, and children teaching them how to spot bird species and explore their habitat.

I gave myself a pat on the back when I scored 10/23 on a bird id quiz at the end of the day, should have done better but the yumm veggie pizza with artichoke made me fuzzy brained and all I could gather was a mere 10, well nobody ever saw or need to know so its all cool:)....

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