Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Re: Pandraa's let's Print Love!

Good Morning!
I am in love with my new miniature Monarch Butterfly Brooch that I am working on currently. I love the way the wing span and the tiny little white spots have turned out. Will share pics soon...
I am also craving a yummy and healthy breakfast today-like maybe a fully loaded veggie omelette, lightly fried hashbrowns, grilled asparagus side, freshly squeezed orange juice, & tapioca pudding:)! Is that a simple wishlist or what? Better get to my cereal now and start my day!
I love Anusha's works of art on etsy-very whimsical, a good blend of Indian influence and modern contemporary painted pieces and prints. Anusha enjoys "hands on" painting and loves animals. Her work reflects a lot of colors, thoughts, textures, and the universal language of love. She also makes unique & cute jewelry. Browse her shop @ and share some love.

Without love, what are we worth?  Eighty-nine cents!  Eighty-nine cents worth of chemicals walking around lonely.  ~M*A*S*H, Hawkeye


  1. Sowmya, that's a really nice introduction to Pandraa. And now I'm craving that omelette too :)

  2. Kavita-Thank u:) glad u enjoyed reading it and yes I still am dreaming of a bfast like that without having to make it myself!

  3. Wow.. that was a surprise. I am really happy that you visited my shop and wrote what I am really made of.
    This is sure a breeze of encouragement for me. Thank you Sowmya :)

  4. Anusha, u're very welcome:) hoping for a rocking year ahead for both of us....

  5. Lovely store! I am a sucker for elephant prints as well and while scrolling down my blog bar, this really caught my attention.

    Good job Soumya and lovely studio Pandraa is!


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