Monday, March 7, 2011

Re: An Adorable brood of Hens!

Good morning!
I have no complaints whatsoever with this Monday morning as the weekend rolled out to be a stay home yet productive one. I could finally put together my home studio space. Its a beautiful feeling when you can work out of a bright sunny generous window setting space with pure sheep wool embroidered rug, pillow throws, a wooden table, spotlight, bulletin board, and the highlight of my cosy nook-a simple white two draw supply cabinet that was a DYI project for my better half this weekend. I love the way it all came together and the best thing is ample sunlight - Every artist would swear by that!
Can't wait to put the space to good use.......and that brings me to talk about my artist pick of the day-Asia Bataev from Poland. She is a knitter/crocheter who makes unique and supah cute little things with colorful wool. Asia also does not use any patterns and does everything out of her head rendering that one of a kind touch to her pieces. Asia says "I make all toys, bath accessories caps and paints with real love and fun. So they contain lots of good energy. I belive in the power of imagination that's why Steiner's ideas on education are so close to me. And that's why my toys are inspired with the waldorf style."
What a nice piece for a corner in the kids room....!

Enjoy the week ahead and keep the creative juices flowing........................................

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