Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Re: Plum Plum Get me Some!

Hope everybody's week is going plum and cosy! Its a great day to stay indoors and enjoy doing whatever it is you do. I will be off shortly to work on some more
wooden miniatures...hopefully my shop will be up and running soon. I love etsy and the variety of talent it offers for everybody to browse and shop. How fun! Today's artist is Lulu who knits (and sometimes crochet) original and unique items from her own designs.
For the fashionista, there is quite a nice assortment of berets, cowls, slouch hats, and more. Visit Lulu's Knit shop @ and enjoy the colorful headgear.

My fave is this purple plum cabled tam-so cozy and elegant!

1 comment:

  1. What an exquisite shop! Lovely find! Lulu has such beautiful items! Thanks for sharing!


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