Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Re: Supah Cute or What!

Dear Pink Readers,
I am enjoying my new studio space and strongly urge all artists working from home to create a space regardless of the size, a nook they can have fun working out of oops creating:). My new space
instills a new sense of belonging and inspiration. In fact this project could be one of the most pocket friendly ones around the house. I put together my space with stuff I already had lying around unused, the only extra purchase being a neat little pure white two draw supplies cabinet from Target. It also serves as a nice photo background for my miniature wood collection. Hope to launch my etsy shop soon.:)
Today's artist pick is Sandra Vaccaro, a stitch artist using thread and needle to express her creative side. Sandra says, "While I take my craft seriously, I like to keep the subject matherial light and hopefully humerous. I get quite a bit of inspriation from my growing family, their likes and needs which change as they do."
I sure do like the themes and colors of her work. Kids will super like them too!

The caffeine has gotten to my head and I need to grab my brushes and get started.....catch u all later!


  1. Those owls are a hoot!I've been trying to make my work station more organised. Working on it too.

  2. Love the Owls so cute! I am also impressed with your very tidy work station. Also love your write up on how your blog became ;0)



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