Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Re: Elegance n Exotica!

When artists combine their skill and a bit of their heritage, the blend is so fantastic and unique! One such creator is Kavita Gandhi from Canada, owner of Kavita Kriti, a homage
to the rich cultural Indian subcontinent. Kavita is a self-taught silk painter. All the designs that you see in her shop have been learnt and produced through trial and error and some whimsical experimentation. Indian artisans with their intricate designs, embroidery patterns, sophisticated textile prints, henna designs & indian mythology are few sources of  inspiration for Kavita to create one of a kind silk scarves. Her goal is to creatively infuse her lifelong passion for color into each scarf so that others can benefit from some color in their life and learn a little bit more about the fascinating traditions of India along the way. I love her color choice and designs-Elegance and Exotica woven together!

Browse more of her scarves @ So pretty!
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  1. What a neat site! I saw your post on EE and thought I'd stop by and say hello. I love Etsy and have a shop:
    I'd love to be considered for your site. I'm follwing you all over now ;0)
    My blog is:

  2. Now that is really pretty!

    Jodi Roberts


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